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January 18, 2012

Twinkie dessert



Last week Hostess Brands, the maker of an American iconic treat, Twinkies, filed for bankruptcy. Twinkies aren’t in danger, the company has filed under reorganization but the news brought attention to this yummy treat that we probably don’t each as much of as we should. Upon writing this article, 3 people in my household announced that they’d never had a Twinkie – never had a Twinkie! It’s hard to believe because so many of my childhood memories are filled with Twinkie eating moments – opening the wrapper of the two pack – biting off the end and eating the filling out of the middle first, then finishing off the rest- so good!

Twinkies have been giving us yummy moments for so long that it’s worth knowing their history. They were invented in Illinois in 1930 by a man named James Alexander Dewer. The original Twinkie,was a banana creme filled sponge cake ,but during WWII, bananas were rationed and so his company was forced to change to vanilla cream. The new flavor was more popular than the original so it stuck. ( source: Wikepedia) Today, 500 million Twinkies are consumed each year.

How bad are they?

Nutritionally speaking Twinkies aren’t a “super food” but they’re not as bad for us as you might think. Here’s how the label reads:

One Twinkie contains:
150 calories
4.5 g of total fat – 2.5 g saturated ( not good because it exceeds the 30% recommended allowance)
27 g of carbohydrates
1 g of protein.
19 g of sugar -  equivalent to almost 5 tsp ( the American Heart Association recommends no more than 6-9 tsps of added sugar/day)
Artificial colors and flavors
 A good 30 minute workout on the elliptical or treadmill will burn one off – no problem.

They get no respect

Some have suggested some outrageous things one could do with a Twinkie like, use them as a flotation device, put a leash on it and call it your ‘pet Twinkie’, or use it as a legal defense “the Twinkie made me do it”.

Others have created clever recipes:

Twinkie sushi

Deep Fried Twinkies

Turkey Stuffed with Twinkies

Paula Deen’s Twinkie Pie

In today’s culture of food awareness and health living, treats like the Twinkie are endanger. Don’t let it happen! Eat em!





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